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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  When are my rent payments due?
A:   May & August. If you have financial aid it is January & September

Q:  Where can I pay my rent?
A:   You can mail it to – DiMaggio Properties LLC 
                                        308 Sofia Blvd
                                        Blandon, PA 19510

Q:  Who do I make the check to?
A:   DiMaggio Properties LLC

Q:  What are my payment options?
A:    Cash, check, or money order

Q:  Do you accept financial aid as payment?
A:   Yes

Q:  What if my financial aid has not come in yet?
A:   You must provide proof that you do have financial aid coming. Ex: an approval letter from the University

Q:  When can I move in?
A:   The 3rd week of August. Exact day to be determined per year.

Q:  Will my utilities be turned on when I move in?
A:   Internet, water, & sewer will be. You are responsible for turning on the electric & refuse.

Q:  Who do I contact about utilities?
A:   The link is on this website for the Kutztown Borough.

Q:  Do I need to vacate my apartment over KU breaks?
A:   No

Q:  I can’t fulfill my lease contract. What do I do?
A:   Inform the landlord first. Then it is your responsibility to find a replacement. After a replacement is found, contact the landlord with all of their info. A meeting & a new lease will be issued.

Q:  Am I responsible to pay rent if I can’t fulfill my lease contract & can’t find a replacement?
A:   Yes

Q:  Am I responsible for changing light bulbs?
A:   Yes

Q:  What do I do if my toilet keeps running?
A:   Call landlord immediately at 610-780-4261.

Q:  If there is a leak or toilet constantly running that I don’t report, am I responsible for the damage &/or the water bill?
A:   Yes

Q:  Can I have a pet?
A:   No

Q:  Can I hang things on my walls?
A:   No nails, tape of any kind, putty, or glue. We recommend and allow the Command Strips.

Q:  I locked myself out of my apartment. What do I do?
A:   Call the landlord. If you lose your key, there will be a fee charged for a new one.

Q:  Can I paint my room?
A:   No

Q:  Can I install a window A/C unit?
A:   Yes – but it must be installed correctly, so that no damage is done. If installation is done incorrectly & causes any damages you will be charged for the repairs.

Q:  I had a friend over & they damaged the property – Who is responsible?
A:   All the tenants in the apartment.

Q:  Can the landlord or any maintenance person enter the apartment when I’m not there? Or without prior notice?
A:   Yes – depending on the circumstances, ex: fire, leaks. Phone calls will be made letting you know when someone will be there for minor problems.

Q:  What happens if I get a Disruptive Conduct Report (DCR)?
A:   Contact landlord immediately! Landlord will apply fines & other steps.